Thursday, July 3, 2008

Welcome to FFL Blog!

For the latest updates and details about Freedom For Life Foundation check this blog frequently. This blog will serve as a news feed on the 2008 climb to Mt. Kilimanjaro for Darol Kubacz and his climbing team.


M said...

Darol is one tough cookie!
But this is not just about him, it's about helping others with limitations see them dissapear with the right encouragement,motivation and equipment.
Go get Kili Dar!!!

Anonymous said...

Who else is on the team going to Kili?
Good luck to you all and God bless.

Mark G. said...

Kili or Bust!
Way to go Darol! I wish you all the best and return even more enriched with life....if that's possible.
Safe ascent for all of you.

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