Thursday, August 14, 2008


16,500' and arrival at Camp #6. No other details due to weak phone connection.


Anonymous said...

Darol, you are an inspiration. On Saturday we (The Next Step 1000 Team) will be thinking of you when we have our "equipment check" meeting and climb North Mountain.

Climb on,

Ron Kingsley said...

Darol......when you reach the summit....well there is nothing I could say about that, only you will know what to do. I will drink a beer or two or three for you.
Rock On to the Top Bro~

LoriBeth said...

Aloha - Awesome Darol. I love you guys. LB

Anonymous said...

You are awesome and I am thinking of you each day! I hope that you are doing well and can't wait to hear all of your stories when you get back.
Love you, Nicole

l said...

Darol!!! This is so exciting!! I could not be more thrilled for you. Can't wait to celebrate your grand accomplishment!!!! Sending love and support for summit day!! -- Lynn

Anonymous said...

Go for it Darol!
Greetings from the Phoenix Mountain Preserve.
We're sending positive thoughts your way and wishing you the best as you make your push to the summit. Your are truly inspiring!

Will, Kim, Jake & Brendan

Anonymous said...

We're all cheering you on and spreading your story! Can't wait to hear it over Sunday dinner!!! The kids love to follow the blog as well, thank you for educating the world with a little more positive!!! Much needed! Keep climbing!!!

Stacey and Family

Anonymous said...

Hey Darol and Team! 16,500! Woo-hoo! Hope all are physically doing well. Keep healthy and if possible, keep the reports coming, even if just a word or two. We are cheering you on every day. Lisa

Anonymous said...

Darol and team,
Way to go! I am thinking of you on your courageous journey every day. You are an inspiration for all.
Love and blessings,
Betty Bremson