Friday, August 15, 2008


The team reaches 17,400' and the 7th camp site! 2 days and 2000' from Uhuru. Darol is strong and anxious to get to the top!


Gus said...

Darol, man, you you freakin amaze me! It's people like you, that I have been blessed to meet, that give give me that extra little push to always try n do what is thought to be undoable.
I'm still trying to push myself to get up into the sky before I move out of here. I've got until September 15th, the day the movers come and we start our journey, and the 1st day of the 14th year of my life learning overcome lifes obsticles in a new light.
E-mail me,, or call my cell when you get a chance and can't wait to see you again in the Valley of the Sun.
Good luck, be safe, and keep strong! Love ya, bro.
Gus, Augie Dog, know, lol.

Mark G. said...

Go, Go Darol! You certainly are an inspiration to all of us. It's lookin like Kili or Bust is w/o bust.
Best of luck. Enjoy every moment. Stay safe!

Anonymous said...


ny bada$$ jc said...

Fantastic! Go all the way!

Anonymous said...

Hows the food?

cheryl Sly said...

Full Moon on the 16th! Amazing time to reach YOUR summit! How perfect!
Missing you Big!

Love, Luna

Andy Campbell said...

Awesome work Darol!

Go on and "knock the bastard off" as Sir Edmund Hilary said.

M said...

Dar, soooooooooo great to hear your voice, I'm a day behind. I Love You.........M